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The Reagan Milstein Foundation proudly supports RYDO in Lesotho as one of our African partners

RYDO History

REACH YOUR DREAMS ORGANISATION (RYDO) was founded in early March 2014 by Sechaba Penane and Pitso Makhanya and later registered with National Law Office on the 13th August 2014 with specific focus to address socio-economic challenges facing children and youth in Lesotho by using youth development football as a catalyst.


The founders established a rapport back in 2011. They then developed their friendship since they are both football oriented and live in the same village, and realised that, within their constructive debates they have a shared vision concerning global economic issues, challenges and prospects of the political system of Africa versus European countries, Lesotho’s Youth Empowerment, academic and football issues.


Since its inception RYDO has been constrained by lack of financial support to finance its charitable programmes such as Youth Development Football, Life Skills Mentoring, Academic Development and Life Opportunities.


Operational programmes are Youth Development Football and Life Skills Mentoring though they are not rendered effectively and efficiently owing to limited financial capacity.


RYDO has enrolled 21 naturally gifted boys aged under-15 from different villages of Mafeteng. They are currently undergoing Youth Development Football program and Life-Skills Mentoring.


Since March 2014, Co-founders of RYDO have been actively engaged in the social welfare of players by providing transportation, meals and some small financial support to vulnerable players to make ends meet.


Co-founders also managed to incur and raise freight charges for donations of football equipment, laptops, books and clothing etc from  Reagan Milstein Foundation in Australia. They are also involved in incurring and raising administrative costs on the daily basis.


Our programmes are designed such that they make measurable steps to help Lesotho achieve its objectives in its short, medium-term and long term plans.


These plans include Lesotho National Strategic Development Plan 2012/13-16/17 and Lesotho Vision 2020. From time to time our programmes will be revised and enhanced to meet national and international demands.


We are committed to play a phenomenal role to help our country achieve United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

RYDO Founders

RYDO Founders

Pitso Nelson Makhanya

Sechaba Penane

  • Date of Birth 17/071989 Hometown: Mafeteng, Lesotho

  • Title Co-founder and Director at RYDO (August 2014 - Present)

  • Previous Experience: Life-Skills Mentor at Kick4life (March - August 2014) Monitoring and Evaluation Cordinator at ADAAL (July-December 2013) Student-teacher at Matsepe High School (January-April2013) Highest Qualification; Bachelor's of Education in Development Studies and Special Education at National University of Lesotho

  • Interests : Soccer, Psychology and Counselling

  • Date of birth 30 April 1989

  • Current Position Co-founder and Deputy Director at RYDO

  • Previous Experience - HIV/AIDS officer at World Vision (January-March 2010) - HIV/AIDS and Life-Skills Mentor at Mantsopa Communications (January-March 2014)

  • Highest Qualification Diploma in Pastoral Care and Counselling (obtained at National University of Lesotho)

  • Interests: Football and Constructive debates

RYDO Vision

RYDO Vision

RYDO Vision


To accomplish national understanding of youth development football and advocate for the complementary role of education, in order to broaden life opportunities of children and youth.




  • Critical thinking

  • Creativity and innovation

  • Honesty and loyalty

  • Sound morality

  • Competitiveness

  • Self-driven

  • Youth Development Football Knowledge




To embrace holistic approach that prepares children and youth to engage in healthy lifestyles and tackle issues of poverty, crime, unemployment, HIV/AIDS and other diseases by using Youth Development Football as a catalyst.




  • 1. To develop exceptional players, critical thinkers and well-rounded individuals.

  • 2. To emphasise the significance of academic development at an early age.

  • 3. To provide proper youth development equipment and facilities.

  • 4. To deliver continued psycho-social support to children and youth.

  • 5. To create life-opportunities and livelihood support to children and youth.

  • 6. To establish a robust social enterprise and make a step change in socio-economic development.

RYDO Contact

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