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About Reagan

Reagan Milstein was a popular, healthy 14 year old boy. He loved sports, particularly football (soccer), and he wanted more than anything to make the world a better place. Reagan had an incredibly gentle and loving nature. This nature is what led him to get involved in efforts to save the Brush Tailed Rock-Wallaby from extinction. He even spent time with scientists and vets in the Grampians late in 2009 where animals bred in captivity were released to the wild.


Reagan had dreams of combining his love for sport and his passion for helping others. He wanted to coach a junior football team and build a career as a sports journalist. It only took one conversation with Reagan for people to feel better about the world. This was a kid who was going places, a kid that would have no trouble making his dreams come true with an exciting future ahead.


Tragically, Reagan never got the chance to realise his dreams. At only 14, he was injured in a scuba diving accident. Despite weeks of intensive care, Reagan never regained consciousness and passed away on 22nd July, 2010.


Losing Reagan left an enormous hole in all our lives. While Reagan’s family and friends struggled to come to terms with life without Reagan, the grief in the wider community helped us decide that we should harness this emotion and try to make a difference to the lives of others on Reagan’s behalf. The Reagan Milstein Foundation (RMF) was created on 25 November, 2010 (Reagan’s birthday) to pay tribute to Reagan, and to help others the way Reagan would have wanted us to.

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