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Welcome to The Storm Sports Academy

 The Storm Sports Academy was founded in February 2017 with an aim to identify, nurture and grow children and youth sporting talent through education in Kenya. Our purpose is to enhance a healthier future through education and sports. We want to help shape a better and healthier world through sports.

The Storm Sports Academy focuses on three main sports:

 Soccer as it looks to venture into other sports. Our Vision Our vision is to identify, nurture and support children and youth sports so that they can reach their potential as outstanding sportsmen and youth as well as outstanding young individuals. “The function of The Storm Sports Academy is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true The Storm Sports Academy.


Our Mission At The Storm Sports Academy Kenya we use sports as a tool to encourage children and youth to go to school and as a way of bringing children together to learn respect and understanding for each other.

We use sports as a successful tool to also create opportunities for children and youth in Kenya. It gives our young people hope and something to live for. Our children LIVE for sports and will do anything to play, even if they don’t have enough food to eat.

Dennis Odiwuor
Founder SSA Kenya
Dennis v.2.jpg

I am Dennis Bosingwa from Kenya. I am a soccer player and have a passion for the same. I started the Storm Sports Academy (SSA) out of love of soccer and without clubs in the area, I began street Soccer where I could gather few pupils, and we play along the road.

Besides, I never found a soccer club to join. Moreover, children and youth around my area had no soccer balls, so I had to carry an old ball and boot in a back pass to play with the pupils along the street. On the same note, I used to wear shorts and a track. I used to give the short to children and youth while I remain with the track during the game.

 Out of such conviction, I realized a need for the children and youth to develop their talents and skills without facing the numerous challenges that I experienced. Thus, I started the Storm Sports Academy in 2015. However, SSA became active in the year 2017.

 Programs The Storm Sports Academy is in the process of establishing programs as one of the avenues of achieving its causes. The programs are targeting children and youth who have passion and are interested in participating in sports with the aim of developing their skills in various sports.

One of the Storm Sports Academy causes is to promote the development of children and youth sporting talent. We achieve this by providing a platform for the children and youth to be part of and develop their skills while at it.

 We also partner with other organizations that share the same vision and being part of their engagements to promote sports.

Our Programs ü Soccer Creating A Shared Value Our commitment is to create long term shared value within the community by creating value for society. This will be achieved through compliance with the Storm Sports Academy core values.

 The Storm Sports Academy has identified areas of focus where the stakeholders and the community strongly intersect and where value creation can be optimized for both. As a result, the Storm Sports Academy invests in resources, both in terms of talent and capital, in those areas where the potential for joint value creation is the greatest and seeks collaborative action with relevant stakeholders in society.

The Storm Sports Academy will focus on creating employment for the local community, providing education, providing sports amenities and water for the community.

Shared Value for us is about leveraging core activities and partnerships for the joint benefit of the people in the community where we operate.

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